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We look forward to working with like-minded people. We usually welcome following kind of partnerships.

Solar Companies

Wattie’s Net Metering device variant is useful for solar customers. It not only gives insights about the consumption from the grid but also the generation to the grid. If you are a solar company looking to provide your users with a better experience, Wattie can be the right partner for you. We also provide detailed visualizations of your customers’ sites on dashboards to you.

Energy Consultants

If you are a solo person or a company dealing in energy consultancy services to businesses, we can be a right fit for each other. Wattie covers all businesses ranging from industrial sites to retail shops. 

System Integrators

Wattie’s hardware and software is totally customizable. It can be integrated with any existing or new system. If you are already providing similar services and want to increase your portfolio, Wattie can be a nice option.

Energy Utility Companies

With ever increasing demand of understanding user behavior, utility companies are finding ways to access their customers’ data and derive meaningful insights from it. Wattie is a full-fledged intelligent platform that includes hardware, firmware, and analytics using sophisticated AI algorithms. 


We are always looking to expand our global footprint. If you are in a distribution business and think that Wattie can be a nice addition to your geography, let’s talk. We provide lucrative discounts on bulk buying. 

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