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A single account to access all the devices

Navigate through you devices from a single screen

Consolidated View

One place for all your devices


All the devices stacked up in the same screen to enable easy transition within them. Get details easily for all your devices.

Single User Account

One account to add all the devices


A single user account to represent one user and multiple devices. No need to make different accounts for unique devices.

Multiple Users

Various users access same device(s)


More than one user can sign up for the same device(s). It provides flexibility of adding different group of devices for different users. Particularly useful for commercial and industrial users.

Cloud Synced

Anytime, anywhere


All the system including the user and device configurations are cloud based. No worries if the app is deleted or phone is lost. We take care of all your data. You only need to login again and all the data would seamlessly be synced with your device.