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Make sense of those kWh units in expenses.

The App comes with built-in Tariffs to make your life easier. You only need to select the one that applies to you.

Time of Use

Peak/Off-peak unit rate


Time of use (ToU) is a billing scheme in which there are two-unit rates, peak unit rate, and off-peak unit rate. In the places where digital meters are installed which have a sense of time, the ToU billing scheme is in use. The system has a ToU tariff built-in. If it applies to you, select it from the simple drop-down menu in the device settings.


Slabs based pricing scheme


This is rather an old billing scheme in which there are multiple slabs and they have different unit rates. This is also pre-built in the app. If it applies to you, select this one in the device settings screen.

Custom Tariff

Input your own unit rates


If none of the above applies to you for some reason, the app provides the functionality for you to input your own custom tariff. This is particularly useful for commercial and industrial users.

Auto Updates

Automatic updates of unit rates as they change


The ToU and Slabs rates are changed at Government’s discretion. We automatically update the unit rates and taxes from our cloud. You don’t need to do anything. Enjoy the seamless experience and keep getting the correct billing calculations.