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Wattie Business for Data Centers

Improve Power Quality. Reduce Downtime. 

With the world moving to digital technologies faster than ever, there is always a growing demand of data centers everywhere to serve the digital infrastructure. Data centers are packed with Servers and supporting electrical equipment. These draw a lot of power and also cause significant harmonic distortions in the electrical network. For any data center, it is the most vital thing to keep the electricity flow steady without any hiccups. However, with too much distortion, the equipment can malfunction, restart on it own or even get damaged. It is essential to keep things in check and take proper actions in case such happenings occur.

Wattie is an advanced AI enabled internet connected Power Quality Analyzer which has the capability to measure harmonics on current, voltage, and power signals up to the 63rd order. It not only measures that by processing a large amount of data on device but also processes it further on cloud to deliver useful alerts in time in case things are not looking well.

If you own or manage data centers, it is important to have Wattie intelligence in your system to make sure that the Servers keep running fine and the clients don’t face any down time.  


Improve Power Quality

Wattie provides a detailed analysis of the power quality of any facility. Intelligent and configurable alerts make sure that the managers are notified within the time of where and when power quality deteriorates. 

Reduce Downtime

Get the alerts in time to avoid malfunction, shutdown, or even damage to the equipment. Wattie helps in keeping the facility operational all time by predicting issues beforehand.

Track Consumption

With a detailed overview of the overall usage, uncover the hidden pattern and spot areas to increase efficiency and reduce wastage. Get the view into department-wise down to machine-level consumption of energy.

Highlights of Wattie dashboard features

Wattie dashboards are fully customizable. We design the dashboard in collaboration with our customers. No two customers are alike and our technical experts make sure that you get the best experience by tailoring the user interface to fit your needs.

Real-Time Usage

Keep eye on the energy consumption in real-time. It provides overview of changes in electrical consumption as appliances turn On/Off.


Consumption History

Detailed insights help you in realizing where your money goes. Phase-wise hourly, daily and monthly breakdown gives you a clear pictures of energy flow.


Alerts & Notifications

Relevant push notifications on abnormal behavior and other activities keep you updated all the time. It helps in managing budget and conserving energy.


Multi Device

View all your devices from a single screen. No need to make new accounts. Even view the devices installed in multiple facilities from the same screen.

Predictive analytics

With the help of Artificial Intelligence get the most useful insights about the health of your assets and optimization of your consumption.

automated reports

Comes with the useful feature of automated and configurable reports. Get the useful snapshots on the defined intervals without even opening the dashboard.


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