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Wattie Business for Commercials

Reduce Tenant Churn. Improve Comfort.

Buildings have become an integral part of the landscape in cities. The purposes of these buildings can range from residential to commercial to institutional. And like every infrastructure, these buildings rely on energy to function properly.

The energy consumption in buildings constitutes about 40% of the total energy consumption in the EU. And considering a 30% of that energy is wasted, the need for smart systems that can save some of that energy in buildings becomes more vital.

The main challenge is to keep the comfort level of the tenants optimal while implementing strategies to curtail wastage and keep the critical equipment like HVAC healthy. Wattie has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a commercial building. It can easily be installed in distribution boxes or right with the equipment that needs monitoring. To cover all sorts of scenarios, the device comes in three forms: An independent box that can be mounted anywhere inside the distribution box, on a din rail, and in a junction box which can be placed right next to the heavy equipment.

With all the detailed parameters Wattie extracts from the electrical network, it becomes possible with the use of intelligent algorithms to make sense of it and spot the opportunities to save energy and detect possible failures or dangerous malfunctions.


Reduce Tenant Churn

Facility managers can make sure that their tenants always enjoy the best of the premises. With Wattie, an uptime of criticals equipment like HVAC, cooling towers, water motors, elevators, etc. can be guaranteed to serve the tenants in the best possible manner.

Trace Usage

With a detailed overview of the overall usage, uncover the hidden pattern and spot areas to increase efficiency and reduce wastage. Get the view into department-wise down to machine-level consumption of energy.

Reduce Downtime

Get the alerts in time to avoid malfunction, shutdown, or even damage to the equipment. Wattie helps in keeping the facility operational all time by predicting issues beforehand.

Increase Brand Value

By taking sustainability initiatives, any brand can boast them to dominate their position as a consciuos enterprise. It helps in building a good perception of the brand in general public and increases the brand value that results not only in good will but also in increased revenues.

Decrease Peak Demand

A lot of big loads can be shifted to off-peak times when the energy rates are less. For example, facility managers can run the pool pump during the off-peak time to incur lower energy bills. Likewise, the facility can be cooled down during the off-peak hours to ensure that the least amount of energy is used in HVAC during peak time.

Highlights of Wattie dashboard features

Wattie dashboards are fully customizable. We design the dashboard in collaboration with our customers. No two customers are alike and our technical experts make sure that you get the best experience by tailoring the user interface to fit your needs.

Real-Time Usage

Keep eye on the energy consumption in real-time. It provides overview of changes in electrical consumption as appliances turn On/Off.


Consumption History

Detailed insights help you in realizing where your money goes. Phase-wise hourly, daily and monthly breakdown gives you a clear pictures of energy flow.


Alerts & Notifications

Relevant push notifications on abnormal behavior and other activities keep you updated all the time. It helps in managing budget and conserving energy.


Multi Device

View all your devices from a single screen. No need to make new accounts. Even view the devices installed in multiple facilities from the same screen.

Predictive analytics

With the help of Artificial Intelligence get the most useful insights about the health of your assets and optimization of your consumption.

automated reports

Comes with the useful feature of automated and configurable reports. Get the useful snapshots on the defined intervals without even opening the dashboard.


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