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Let the smarts of Wattie make your life easier.

Get the alerts at the right time!

Daily Consumption Overview

Recap of the day


Get simple yet effective notification daily recapping your total usage. Helps you stay on track and let you know in time if you are deviating from your monthly goal within time

Weekly Emails

Recap of the week


Optional subscription to customized weekly email. Walks you through your entire week’s activity and helps you in understanding the abnormal consumption.

On-Screen Widget

Be in the know as you incur the electricity bill


A nifty on-screen widget updates about every hour and shows you the total monthly consumption and bill you have incurred so far. A very handy option for those who aggressively want to chase their goal of staying within the monthly budget.

Anomalous Behavior

Cloud connectivity brings the bytes anywhere


Data is continuously being synced in between the device, cloud and your mobile phone. Our AI works in all these components and produce effective results for you. It provides you gentle yet timely notifications on any deviations in your consumption patterns. It opens up the possibilities for you to investigate the consumption and see if something is out of the ordinary.