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Monitor, Manage & Save Electricity

WATTIE delivers your home's energy consumption analytics directly to your smartphone. Insights help save upto 25% on electricity bill.

Why Use Wattie

Reduce Emissions

Wattie helps reduce carbon emission through reduction in energy wastage. Makes planet greener.

Control Bill

Predicts end monthly bill so you could get it under your control within time. Helps better manage your budget.

Mobile Monitoring

Always know what's happening in your home even when you are away.

Peace of Mind

Living an energy efficient life and knowing your home is not wasting energy anymore brings peace of mind.

Wattie Features

Real-time Usage

Daily Report

Alerts & Notifications

Billing History

Predicted Bill

Localized Tariff

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring lets you keep an eye on what's going on in your home even when you are away. Notifications and alerts are generated in real-time to be acted upon when deviation from the optimum usage is detected.

Insights & Analytics

Detailed insights help you in realizing where your money goes. Breakdown of bill in appliances gives a clear picture of energy hogs. Behavioural changes to manage and reduce their usage results in significant savings.

Personalized Reports

Wattie helps in budget management by predicting electricity bill based on present consumption trend. Daily and weekly detailed reports along with suggestions and tips help you stay on track and ensures that you don't pay a penny more than your budget.

How it works

Without data you are just another person with opinion. Understanding how energy is consumed is the first step towards managing it. Wattie is a robust hardware which takes current readings on all 3 phases at 5 Hz, performs necessary calculations and transmits the data in real-time to our back-end infrastructure. The readings are then pushed over the internet to the mobile application. Same readings are stored on the server and used to extract useful insights using machine learning, AI and sophisticated algorithms. These insights develop the core of data analytics which when presented in the form of notifications and alerts convert into actions leading to better management of electricity and reduction in bill.

Live Energy Graph

Live energy consumption data feed from one of Wattie devices installed on a three phase electricity connection at our workspace.

Always keep eye on energy

There is always something going on even when we don’t see or realize it. Appliances consume considerable power even when in stand-by mode which ultimately contributes to a significant amount in electricity bill.
With real time energy monitoring feature, one is always presented with how much energy is being used at any particular moment. Moreover, it can also quantify how much energy is consumed by which appliance.

Wattie Installation

Installation of Wattie is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. However, as the installation needs to be done in an electricity distribution box, we highly recommend hiring a professional or contacting us.
There is no need for smart meter or any other home automation system for Wattie to work. It can be installed easily on any single or three phase electricity connection.


PKR 2900/-


Cloud Platform

Device Node

Robust hardware is designed and developed to measure power at high sampling rate. Form factor has been kept quite small in order to fit the device in the distribution box.

AI Platform

Magic happens in the Wattie cloud. Device keeps on pushing raw data to the back-end server. Machine learning and cognitive computing plays role here and extracts useful information from this big data.

Mobile App

Wattie cloud pushes the processed and actionable information to the user on his hand-held devices in real-time so that the appropriate measures can be taken to better manage electricity.


Does the device come with warranty?

Yes, wattie comes with a life-time warranty. It is a solid state technology and has a very rare chance of failure.

Does it come with mobile application?

Yes, it comes with both Android and IOS application. Right now IOS application is under development.

How easy is the setup?

Instruction manual is included in the box. It roughly takes 2-3 minutes to setup.

Is Smart meter or an automation system required for Wattie to work?

No, there is no need for any other system for Wattie to work. It is a standalone, economical and full-fledged energy management system.

How secure is my data?

As consumers in a digital era, we know how much we value our own privacy, and so we have designed Wattie to protect yours. All communications with the Wattie Cloud are secured, as well as the data stored on the servers.

How to get it installed?

Wattie is installed inside electricity distribution box on live phase wires. We highly recommend hiring a professional or contacting us for installation.

Does it work on a 3-phase connection?

Yes, it works both on a single and 3-phase connection.

Is one Wattie enough for my entire home?

Yes, Wattie is placed on the main electricity distribution box from where electricity is supplied to every appliance in home or office.

How does it connect to internet?

This version of Wattie uses your WiFi to connect to internet. For places where WiFi is not available, GSM version is on its way.

Can Wattie be installed in an industry?

Yes, we are also working on an enterprise edition of Wattie which would cater specific needs of industry and businesses.

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